About Me

I’m the Goddess you dream about worshiping. I’m the Princess you’re dying to spoil. The Prom Queen from high school that took your lunch money and spit in your face. I’m addicted to manipulating and humiliating men. And you’re addicted to a life of ruination by My hands. Your mind, manhood and money are Mine.


I am definitely more intelligent than any woman you will meet, and extremely manipulative. I will always get what I want, and if you don’t give it to Me, I’ll immediately remove you from My life. Your desire is to please Me, spoil Me, pamper Me, and you’ll do just that. No questions asked.


You’re here because you were curious, and now your obsession is growing. I’m intelligent, strong, and beautiful. I speak PROPER ENGLISH and I expect you to contact Me in the same manner. I’m the best looking woman around, completely natural, in shape, not caking on makeup. What you see is what I am. It’s called NATURAL BEAUTY. I’m a perfect 5’2”, 100lbs, with size 5 and a half feet.


Contact Me if you’ve got what it takes. If you think you can satisfy My shopping addiction, and if you’re ready to spend your entire paychecks on Me, then maybe you can handle it.

Photo Sets are available on My Niteflirt
(If you can't purchase them there, you may email Me to purchase them for $15/5 photos)

Cam time is $9.99/Minute via My Niteflirt Line.
(If you would like to pay another way for cam time, you must email Me to make the arrangement. 5 minute MINIMUM. I will not waste My time to cam for anything less.)

Servitude is $350/month MINIMUM 

(If you can’t afford this then you SHOULD NOT BE SEEKING OUT FINANCIAL DOMMES!!!)

$50 Deposit for cam shopping

Check My other pages for pricing on worn socks & shoes.


There are two kinds of people in this world-- slaves with money and faceless losers.


I don’t do this to support Myself or pay My bills. I do this because I enjoy doing it, and I have expensive taste. Your tributes are not required for Me to live the lifestyle I live. If you don’t agree with financial domination I don’t care. I don’t judge your kinks, so why judge Mine?


If you’ve read this and you want to serve, email Me at PayGoddessNyxie@gmail.com (after sending a tribute to PayGoddessNyxie@gmail.com) and make the subject “1234” and read these rules:

DON’T EMAIL ME ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT/LIKE - email Me about what you’re going to do for Me. 

IF YOU’RE GOING TO SERVE A FINDOM YOU’RE GOING TO HAVE TO TRIBUTE - you won’t get My attention without it.

I DON’T DO TEAM VIEWER - It’s fucking lame. This isn’t 2005. I’m not going to work for tributes. You should be more than willing to send them.

I DON’T HAVE A CLIPS STORE & I DON’T MAKE CLIPS - I don’t bend over backwards to satisfy you— you bend over backwards to satisfy ME. If you’re a loyal and obedient servant I may make clips to reward you.


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